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Descendant Databases

The Weipert Family The Descendants of Ambrose Weipert and Maria Wiedmaier
The Houchin Family The Descendants of John Houchins and Mary Cosby (Houchin(s) Family)
The Hollister and Dunbar Families The Descendants of Samuel Emmons Hollister and Mary Ann Demarest
The Castle Family The Descendants of John Castle and Ann Maria Darner

Family Photo Albums

These family photo album pages have thumbnail pictures to select from.  Many other individual photos are available in the Ancestor Histories above.

Books Containing Ancestor Information

  • The Demarest Family, Vol. I, II, Supplement, Demarest Family Association, Hackensack. New Jersey, 1964.
  • A History of the Gollehon Family, Kenneth L. Sturgill. Marion, Virginia, 1986.
  • History of the Houchin Family In the United States, Dr. Paul C. Houchen. Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, 1931. This book can be found in the following libraries:
    1. Library of Congress, Washington D.C., non-lender (DLC)
    2. Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN, lender (IMF)
    3. Nebraska State Historical Library, Lincoln, NE, non-lender (NHT)
    4. Toledo/Lucas County Public Library, Toledo, OH, lender (TLM)
    5. Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX, lender (IGA)
    6. Amarillo Public Library, Amarillo, TX, lender (TAP)
    7. Roanoke City Public Library, Roanoke, VA, lender (RNC)
    8. Blue Ridge Reg. Library, VA, lender (VMA)
    9. West Virginia University Library, Morgantown, VA, lender (WVU)
  • Index to History of the Houchen [i.e. Houchin] family : by Dr. Paul C. Houchen, by C.G. Bennett. Warsaw, IN, 1991. This book can be found in the following libraries:
    1. Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN, lender (IMF)
  • The Ancient Scottish House of Gourlie, David William Gourlie. Kincraig Trust, Ottawa, Ontario, 1991.
  • The Wassum Family of Smyth County, Virginia, Irene Wassum Owens, 1988.

Other People Doing Related Research

These are researchers with whom we have made contact when researching various surnames in our ancestry. The surnames that they are researching are listed after their name. Contact us if you would like to be listed.

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