Steven is the author of four unpublished novels, several short stories, non-fiction articles, and is the former editor of Weekly Review, a newsletter for the Lake Forest Park Writers Workshop critique group. He is currently seeking representationwith a reputable literary agent.

The first novel is titled Linear Descent (formerly Century Trust). Written in 2005, it is a suspense novel about a small-time con man whose lust for the high life sucks him into a downward spiral of events beyond his control.

The second novel, Double Fire, won the 2007 Pacific Northwest Writers Association's Zola Award (Mystery/Thriller category). Written in 2007, it is an historical suspense novel set in the 1800s that follows a rogue Pinkerton detective cross-country on the trail of an arsonist.

The third novel, A Suitable End (formerly Snowbound), was a finalist in the 2009 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest (Mystery/Thriller category). Written in 2009, it is a suspense novel where a mystery writer discovers a sabotage plot in WWII Seattle.

The fourth novel, The Ignominious Idol, is a finalist in the 2017 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest (Mystery/Thriller category). Written in 2015, it is a cozy, locked room mystery set in 1930s Maryland. An ancient statuette of a Sumerian goddess, secure behind a vault door in a mansion's basement gallery, vanishes with puzzling clues left behind.

Steven has held memberships in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association , Oregon's Willamette Writers, Seattle Free Lances, and the Washington State Historical Society . He attended the three-day August 2006 Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon, is a regular participating member of the Lake Forest Park Writers Workshop critique group (sponsored by the King County Library System).

When not writing, Steven provides editing services for other writers and works as a freelance software developer as the owner of Forest Park Lab, a Seattle-area software consulting company. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in History from Washington State University, and also serves as his family's unofficial genealogist.